Tuesday, September 6, 2011

While I'm Stalling, Here's This

Buzz Nano had had a busy Solar Unit. He’d taken a tube car over to West Dakota in order to secure a breathing license. With that done, he was settling in for a laser drink with his robot friend, Gr0x Gearsley.

“Th1s stuff 1s g00d,” Gr0x bleeped, pouring the laser into his taste portal.

Buzz adjusted his visor.


They sat in contented silence. With one metal finger, Gr0x smoothed out the steel wool on top of his head. He scanned the bar, hoping to get lucky with a G-Bot.

“I wonder what the weather’s like on Europa right now,” Buzz mumbled. “I could use a mooncation.”

“Can’t y0u get the S0larCast 0n y0ur v1s0r?” Gr0x asked.


- excerpted from my forthcoming, 800-page sci-fi paperback, Men of Metal, Book One of the Ursa Minor Chronicles. 

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