Monday, April 4, 2011

Still More 2010 Film Minutae

Thanks to Steve Carlson, the 2010 Muriels ballots have been published. Mine is here. More later but a few quick caveats/errata:

- Upon further consideration, I believe Assayas' CARLOS to be the actual best picture of the year. Beyond it's socio-political significance, all 5 1/2 hours of it are enthralling. The only comparable recent film I can think of is Fincher's ZODIAC. Among many other things, CARLOS is a useful dissection of terrorism and how/why leftist factions and Islamic jihadists have historically made strange bedfellows. And it couldn't be more relevant than right now. Netflix Instant has it available in its entirety (not in the truncated American theatrical version).

- I meant to put Ben Mendelsohn (not Joel Edgerton) in the supporting actor category for ANIMAL KINGDOM.

- DOGTOOTH's Aggeliki Papoulia should have been #4 on the supporting actress list. Totally submitted a different draft of the ballot.

- I still haven't seen WHITE MATERIAL or ANOTHER YEAR. Both films are by directors whose work I usually admire. So, as with any of these lists, the results are subjective and mutable.

- Had I seen I'M STILL HERE before the deadline, I would've probably put Joaquin Phoenix in the #5 actor spot.


  1. Wow--I want to check out Carlos--that is a deep and unpopular truth about the alliance ("kindred spirit") the left has with Islamofacists (who would cheerfully annihilate the left upon gaining power). Thanks for the head's up for this and other things as well!

  2. Cool. I think you'll really like it. Another good resource on the same subject is BLOOD AND RAGE: A CULTURAL HISTORY OF TERRORISM by Michael Burleigh.