Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday Launch (Sort Of)

This is all I got:

An almost completely ignored masterwork from 1993, featuring members of Yo La Tengo and Combustible Edison. Perhaps part of their obscurity is due to their completely unGoogleable name (the band, by the way, is Christmas; the album is Vortex).

The music itself is anthemic pop rock with bombastic flourishes that don't necessarily hold up to the thin production values. Here's hoping enough interest is drummed up to warrant a remaster.The male/female vocal harmonizing reminds me of some of the Pixies quieter output. (UPDATE: Actually, that's only superficially accurate. Their sound more resembles early efforts from SST folk-punk-pop outfits like the Minutemen or the Meat Puppets. Don't expect anything resembling other Matador acts from the era.)

Check out Iron Anniversary, kind of an indie rock "Total Eclipse of the Heart":

Seriously, track this thing down.

This is kind of a soft open for what I'd hoped would be a regular music entry on Monday. I still have some Muriel Awards/2010 in Film stuff to catch up on. Hope to have that up by Wednesday.


  1. I'd only ever heard of this on The Best Show. Seems like my thing. Maybe worth taking a flier on one of the saner priced used copies.

  2. Mark: Yikes. eBay's got one for $162?! I should hock mine and use the money put one of my kids through an hour of community college.

    But, yeah, if you can wrangle a copy, DO. As a fan of the infectious pop hooks of GBV, you should have no trouble getting into this.